Consultancy Services

Apart of being involved into Software Development activties for various clients, Oscillate is also providing consultancy services to the clients. We divide our consultancy services into two broad categories ‘Strategic Consulting’ and ‘Providing Man Power’

Strategic Consulting

As a strategic partner, Oscillate provide clients a different outlook to see the potential within the given resources. Our focused attitude, detailed outlook and aggressive nature help our clients find a way to their problems with a steady approach and in a professional manner. Our vision has helped our clients setup many processes to save money, bring work efficiency and optimize the work output by identifying the loopholes. Let us look at one of our case study. One of our client approached us to evaluate their reporting system. We identified that there were several loopholes in the reporting processes which were causing delay in processing and hence the data was available after a significant delay. In an attempt to achieve the reporting excellence which went for a couple months, we fixed several SQL Procedures, created lot of SQL Cubes for OLAP processing, and of course, designed various small small tools to bring different set of data for different departments.

    Our client was able to save significant amount of money and time:

  • Expert Opinion
  • Time Saving
  • Optimizing
  • Performance tuning
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Defining Processes

Staffing Solutions

The economical growth can be fatal at times for businesses. It becomes hard in a boom to find right talent for the job. The amount of energy required in searchig for a right candidate can be potentially difficult as the number of opportunities come at a faster speed for prospective candidates. Oscillate, being a Software Development Company, has access to handful of employees. We can quickly provide well trained employees to the clients who can put straight into production environment. We constantly keep an eye on hiring resources who are bright, motivated and have a passion for helping the companies achieve their goals. Since the employees stay on our payroll, the clients don’t have to worry about appraisal bonuses etc. Attrition in India is high and the hiring can be expensive. Hiring from pool of talented developers is much easier than looking a person from outside.

  • Easy hiring
  • Not so Expensive Resources
  • No hassles – we do everything for you
  • Easy Replacement
  • Long term Probation
  • Quick results
  • Talented Employees in the pool
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