Microsoft Excel Programming

Microsoft Excel is a great tool to analyze and store data, and it is very popular globally. But almost 90% of the excel users are not fully utilizing the advanced features which Excel Provides. So please do give us a chance to ask if you have a question about Excel. We are Excel Experts and we are building Excel Dashboards, Excel Analyzers and Models for more than 10 years. Our deep expertise in Excel Modeling/ Programming helps us creating Excel Dashboards/Analyzers relatively easier and with a quick turnaround time. Our solutions are crafted and optimized as per the business requirements, and our flexible code and skills ensure that we are developing a tool keeping future possibilities in Mind. Our expertise has helped us delivering more than 100 projects to one of the top Financial Institutions globally. Our customer focused attitude makes it easier for our clients to explain their expectations easily.

    We provide consultancy in :

  • Excel Analyzers
  • Excel Financial Models
  • Excel Dashboards
  • Excel VBA Development
  • Excel Formulas
  • Excel Charts
  • Excel Reports
  • Excel Training
  • Excel Add-ins
  • Data Mining
  • Excel integration with 3rd Party API
  • Custom Ribbon Development
  • Open XML Support
  • VSTO Add-ins
  • MS Excel Solutions via C#
  • COM Add-ins
  • Upgrading 2003 documents to 2007
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