VBA Programming

Oscillate Infotech has a deep experience developing applications using VBA. Excel / Access/ PowerPoint / Word etc, any type of VBA is a piece of Cake for us. Architectural Programming, Modular Programming, Custom Classes, Snippets, Developing Libraries, Robust Code, Reusable Components etc are our expertise. Our experience on so many live projects help us developing a project with severe ease. Our clients are always benefitted because of our Exceptionally talented development team, who can resolve any complicated task in no Time.

    Our expertise include, but not Limited to :

  • Automation of Reports Using Pivot
  • Chart Programming
  • Applications in Excel With SQL Backend
  • Applications in Access With SQL Backend
  • MS Access Programming
  • Automation of Access Reports
  • Access User Level Authentication Modules
  • Split Database Programming
  • Developing Application Level Add-ins
  • Developing Workbook / Document Level Add-ins
  • Ribbon Customization
  • Excel Macros
  • Access Macros
  • Upgrading Excel 4.0 Macros
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