Excel Conference on 15 July

Location:TBD (To Be decided)

What is MS Excel?

Well, today Microsoft Excel doesn’t need introduction when we think about data analysis and visualization. So many other products like Tableau, QlikView are available in the market for visualization, but those all stand nowhere when excel comes to its real power with VBA.

Why you should learn MS Excel?

One out of seven people on the planet use MS Excel, it is everywhere. If you have data you would have MS Excel to manage, Analyze, and visualize it.

  1. Excel is almost everywhere.
  2. Excel is cost effective in comparison to other product
  3. Immense help available over internet
  4. Quick and easy to Learn.
  5. A Must-Have skill to survive in corporate world.

What do we do?

We are professional MS office developers and we develop our 90% applications using only MS Excel. We have developed 2000+ MS office applications using VBA. We also use our expertise in training people who want to build their carrier in Data analytics. Our consultancy service also helps people to open the opportunity door.

What to Expect in this Excel conference.

  1. It’s Free
  2. Free membership to excel discussion forum.
  3. Meet Excel Experts
  4. You will have chance to ask your questions
  5. You will see real power of Excel VBA
  6. Couple customized chart will be presented

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